Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants Name List, Start Date, Show Time, News of Bigg Boss Season 1 – 2017

By far, Bigg Boss has been one of the most famous reality television shows of India and it is loved by the audiences not only in India but also across the globe.

The show has already completed 10 successful seasons and season 11 will hit the television screens later this year. Along with the main Bigg Boss show, several other versions of Bigg Boss have also been started such as Bigg Boss Bangla and Bigg Boss Kannada.

These reality television shows are aired in their local languages. Bigg Boss Kannada has completed 4 seasons while Bigg Boss Bangla has completed 2 seasons. This the first season for Bigg Boss Tamil.

Kamal Haasan – Bigg Boss Tamil

About Bigg Boss Tamil Reality Show

The big news though is that Bigg Boss Tamil has also been started and it has started airing just yesterday, that is, June 25, 2017. The show will follow the exact pattern of the main Bigg Boss show whereby 15 people (also known as contestants or housemates) will be locked inside a purpose built house for 100 days.

Bigg Boss Tamil Wiki: They will be asked to perform various tasks and on the basis of their performance as well as behaviour and entertainment factors inside the house, they will be voted out each week.

Bigg Boss Tamil News and Updates:

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants Name List

As mentioned before, 15 contestants are participating in the Bigg Boss Tamil show. All these are Celebrities Contestants. In first Tamil season of bigg boss there are no commoners like Bigg Boss Reality Show.  Their names and brief details are as under;

  1. Anuya Bhagvath
Anuya Bhagvath
Anuya Bhagvath

Anuya has acted in several Tamil films and made her debut from the super hot movie “Mahek” in 2007.

  1. Gayathri Raghuram
Gayathri Raghuram
Gayathri Raghuram

Gayathri Raghuram is an actress and a famous choreographer who mainly works in Tamil film industry.

  1. Bharani

Bharani is another actor from Tamil film industry who made his debut in 2009 with the super hit film called “Naadodigal”.

  1. Raiza Wilson

Raiza Wilson is mainly known for modeling and she also took part in the Miss India contest. She is the only one out of the 15 contestants who has no association with the Tamil film industry.

  1. Oviya

Oviya is a model and film actress who mainly rose to fame with the 2010 hit called “Kalavani”. She has been seen in various Tamil, Malyalam and Kannada movies.

  1. Aarar

Aarar is a famous model who also started acting when he made his debut in 2016 picture called “Saithan”. He has also done more than 100 commercials for various products.

  1. Juliana

Juliana who is actually a nurse, is the only non celebrity contestant who is taking part in Bigg Boss Tamil show. She rose to fame in the course of Jallikattu protests in Chennai.

  1. Ganesh Venkatram
Ganesh Venkatraman
Ganesh Venkatraman

Ganesh is a very famous actor and model from Tamil films. He also holds the honor of representing India in Mr. World 2004.

  1. Shree

Shree made his acting debut in the year 2012 and since then, he has done several famous roles.

  1. Vaiyapuri

Vaiyapuri is a famous actor and comedian who has worked in several super hits of the Tamil film industry. He has also worked with the great Rajinikanth in the film “Kuselan”.

  1. Snehan

Snehan is a poet and lyricist who has won several awards for his brilliant work.

  1. Harathi Ganesh
Harathi Ganesh
Harathi Ganesh

She is a comedian and actress who works in both Tamil films as well as television.

  1. Ganja Karuppu
Ganja Karuppu
Ganja Karuppu

Ganja Karuppu has played several comic roles in some of the most famous Tamil films.

  1. Namitha

Namitha who has been the former Miss Surat is a famous Tamil film actress.

  1. Shakthi Vasudevan
Shakthi Vasudevan

Shakthi Vasudevan is the son of famous director P Vasu. He made his debut in 1991 and since then, he has worked in several notable films.

Lets see who will be Bigg Boss Tamil Winner.

Bigg Boss Tamil Host

Bigg Boss Tamil, which will be aired on Star Vijay TV Channel will be hosted by Kamal Hassan, who is a film actor, director, producer as well as playback singer.

Below are couple of photos of Bigg Boss Tamil House:

Bigg Boss Tamil House Photo 1
Bigg Boss Tamil House Photo 2

Bigg Boss Tamil Start Date and Timings

Bigg Boss in Tamil has been launched on June 25, 2017. However, the regular episode of the show go on for 100 days . The show will be on air at 9 pm on weekdays and 8:30 pm on weekends on Star Vijay TV Channel.


  1. On 11th day of bigg boss Arthi and Gayathri by wanted they started irritating Juli…..pls put out Arthi and Gayathri out of bigg boss….. Vry irritating dis Arthi….always teasing Juli ..
    I pray for juli…..

  2. Gayathri is not thalavi…..she is really thalavalli……
    Gayathri not fit for leader post……
    Really they have to learn from men’s how they should treat other mates…..

    Vry worst of Arthi and Gayathri….. I request them to b nominated for elimination ..

    Hw can Gayathri say that juli is “mattamana gelmamum”…….. Really Gayathri need to b punished for these words…..

  3. Harthi is very bad..I hate her..Julie pesinalum kutham..pesalanalum….gayathri and harthi..eliminate pannuga.

  4. Big Boss :today only I saw full episodes in hot start…pls convey our view to aarthi and gayathri.. seriously it is very irritating when we see aarthi and gayathri continuously irritating single person. Gayathri as a head shud compromise both fighting ladies…she is completely supporting aarthi and she is also hurting Juli, that’s not at all fair… AND KANJA KARUPU IS DOING TOOOOOOO MUCH AND TELLING THAT AARTHI IS AN ARTIST AND GIVE RESPECT.. … I don’t know HOW HE CAN say like that… Aarthi only fake . She is acting as comedian in movie and she is pakkkkkaaaa VILLI


  6. Honourable Sir,
    First of the show was very very excellent.
    That too u r leading it is a main highlight which hits
    I would like to share my comments
    1. Gayathri as a leader she should visit in person to resolve the issue. She is sharing others personal chats with other & insulting them. A leader should not have this type culture.
    2. In the running show Ovia is best lady in all types
    3. In gents Ganesh venkatram & Viyapuri is the best person
    Thnks Vijaya Tv & Sri Kamal hasan Sir for giving this opportunity.
    My wishes to all bigg boss fmly members

  7. Gayathri & Julie big irritating Kick out both of them not fit for big boss Oviya is best & good girl,
    Raiza is very show off i hate her the way she acts,

  8. Oviya, as hindsight would reveal, was susceptible to depression and was waiting for the trigger. i very much doubt it was an act and if it really was then hats off to her acting skills. Coming into BB after a successful acting career, there was tremendous pressure on her to outperform her roommates. She came into the play with a set programme that went awry. Unfortunately, she got bitten by an unrequited love bug that triggered a bout of depression. BB should not have prolonged her stay (which raises the doubt about it being an act) especially when Snehan was pleading with the Boss to take Oviya out of the contest for providing Psychiatric treatment. Hopefully, she hasn’t suffered any long term damage to her psyche. In as much as she seemed out of place as a contestant for most watchers, Oviya represented the quintessential fun loving Gen Y that is desperately trying to break the stranglehold of the conservative Tamil Gen x. That explains the support base for her. I wont be surprised if she makes a wild card entry into the sets.


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