Bigg Boss Tamil 1 – Week 1 Comes to an End with Anuya’s Elimination

Bigg Boss is one of the most famous reality television shows in India which is why several regional versions have also been started. The very first Tamil version of the show known as Bigg Boss Tamil started back on June 25, 2017 whereby 15 contestants were sent into the Bigg Boss house.

Kamal Hassan, the host of the show appeared on the show at the end of first week to communicate with the audience as well as the housemates.

At the end of week one, Julie, Sree and Anuya were the housemates which had been nominated for elimination. Sree however was evicted from the show on the basis of medical grounds and therefore, the elimination war was to be fought between Julie and Anuya.

As per expectations, Julie survived the elimination while Anuya was asked to exit the house as she received maximum votes against her.

Photos from Bigg Boss Tamil Week 1:

The very first week of the show attracted lots of viewers as it was full of entertainment, drama and excitement. Julie was seen crying on getting nominated by Snehan whom she considered as a brother to her. On the other hand, Harathi Ganesh and Gayathri Raguram kept on harassing Julie throughout the week and even threatened her. The video of both of them harassing Julie got viral over the internet and grabbed a lot of attention.

A huge fight was also seen inside the house during the very first week when Ganja Karuppu and Bharani encountered each other. This fight really turned into an ugly situation whereby almost all the housemates got involved either directly or indirectly.

The second week of Bigg Boss Tamil is already on its way with the remaining 13 contestants [of which one will be bigg boss tamil season 1 winner] still inside the house. Snehan’s dominating behavior is not being welcomed by the majority of housemates and a rebellious atmosphere has already started to build up inside the house.


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