Bigg Boss Tamil Winner Name, Final Winner Name 2017

Bigg Boss Tamil has been on the most famous reality television shows all across India. It is mainly due to this reason that several other versions of Bigg Boss have also started which include Bigg Boss Bangla and Bigg Boss Kannada.

The buzz right now is that Bigg Boss Tamil has also been launched for the very first time ever. The show went on air on 25th June 2017 whereby 15 contestants, mainly from the Tamil film and drama industry went inside the Bigg Boss Tamil house to compete for the Bigg Boss Tamil title.

Bigg Boss Tamil Winner

The show will be broadcast on Star Vijay and hosted by the renowned Tamil director, producer and playback singer, “Kamal Hassan“. Out of the 15 contestants, who are taking part in the show, most of them are well known celebrities.

Bigg Boss Tamil Winner

Each week, one of the contestants will be eliminated from the show on the basis of the performance during the last week which will be decided by the votes sent by the viewers.

Some of the most notable names which are the part of Bigg Boss Tamil include Namitha, Oviya, Bharani, Anuya Bhagvath, Shakthi, Ganesh Venkatram, Harathi Ganesh, Snehan and Gayathri Raghuram. As far as the Bigg Boss Tamil Winner is concerned, it is hard to say since the show has just started and it will go on for 100 days.

If we see the history of the Bigg Boss show, it is quite evident that the winners were the ones who were not only actively involved in various tasks, but they also won the hearts of their fellow housemates as well as the audiences out there.

Predicted list Bigg Boss Tamil Winner:

As per users:
1. Oviya – 75% chances Oviya win the tamil version of bigg boss.
2. Bharani – 80% chances Bharani win the show.

Comment below and we will give more percentage to your favorite contestants.

We will keep on giving you various updates regarding the show as it will progress. Bigg Boss Tamil winner section will also be updated for you right here as soon as the winner will be declared.



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